Valuations & Fairness Opinions

Valuations & Fairness Opinions

KSCA draws on our extensive industry knowledge and experience to objectively determine and opine on the fair market value of a business or proposed transaction.

Business Valuations:

KSCA works with business owners to thoroughly understand the fundamental drivers of, and prospects for, their business. We then unitize both public and private industry data in conjunction with management estimates to determine an appropriate value for the business. Business valuations help clients determine the enterprise value of their company, which can be used to support merger or sale transactions, strategic planning purposes, estate planning, minority shareholder matters, and issuance of stock options.

Fairness Opinions:

After an agreement has been reached between a buyer and a seller, KSCA will perform a thorough analysis of the offer and objectively determine if the offer is fair, from a financial point of view, to the selling shareholders.