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Privacy Policy & Security Statement

Customers’ Privacy is Important

The Privacy Policy and Security Statement describes how Kurt Salmon Capital Advisors, LLC (KSCA) protects its customers’ non-public information that KSCA collects in the course of providing financial services to its customers.

Non-Public Information KSCA Collects

In the course of providing financial services, KSCA collects non-public information about its customers from the following sources:

  • Applications, forms, and other information customers provide to us (for example: your name, address, social security number, assets, liabilities, income, investment experience, investment activity, and other information);
  • Independent firms who KSCA has engaged to perform background checks on its customers;
  • Consumer reporting agencies regarding the credit worthiness and credit history of KSCA’s customers; and
  • Other sources regarding the employment, business, credit, or other relationships with KSCA’s customers, either directly or by verifying the representations which KSCA’s customers have made to such sources, such as a customer’s employment history, loan or credit card balances, and other similar

Non-Public Information KSCA Discloses and to Whom KSCA Discloses Non-Public Information

KSCA does not disclose any non-public information about its customers, or former customers, except in a manner consistent with applicable law.

Customers that wish to limit the non-public information KSCA discloses to (a) its affiliates (b) third parties KSCA works with to provide financial services to its customers, and (c) to its registered representatives who disassociate with KSCA should contact KSCA immediately, but no later than thirty days from their receipt of this notice, at (404) 898-7878.

KSCA may disclose its customers’ non-public information to companies that work with KSCA as it provides financial services to its customers, including services related to due diligence, market reports and analysis, and other services. KSCA may also disclose information to such companies related to its customers in providing the foregoing services. In the event that KSCA discloses customer information to these companies, KSCA would first require these companies to sign confidentiality agreements with KSCA before KSCA will disseminate its customers’ non-public information to them and allow them to provide services.

In addition, KSCA may disclose non-public information about KSCA’s customers to (a) government agencies such as the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and the United States Internal Revenue Service, and (b) self-regulatory agencies such as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. KSCA may also make disclosures to comply with a legal summons, court order, subpoena or similar legal process, a fraud investigation, audit, or examination.

Further, KSCA may permit its registered representatives who disassociate from KSCA for any reason to take non-public information with them related to you or your account with KSCA to use another broker/dealer.

Finally, KSCA is also permitted to disclose non-public information to other parties if its customers provide written consent. Prior to disclosing information related to KSCA’s customers to other parties KSCA will obtain written consent from the applicable customer authorizing KSCA to disclose non-public information to such other parties.

KSCA’s Confidentiality and Security Procedures

KSCA restricts access to non-public information about its customers to those employees who need to know such non-public information to provide services to KSCA’s customers. KSCA maintains safeguards pertaining to KSCA’s offices, computer systems, employees and contractors that comply with federal regulations implemented to protect KSCA’s customers’ non-public information.

KSCA will provide notice of its privacy policy to each of its customers annually. Although KSCA reserves the right to make changes to its privacy policy, customers can always review KSCA’s current policy by requesting a copy at (404) 898-7878.

Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SiPC)

In an effort to protect investors from the bankruptcy or other financial failure of securities broker/dealers, the United States Congress created SiPC. Like most broker/dealers, KSCA is a member of SiPC. Although SiPC does not protect against fraud, under certain circumstances and subject to specified limitations, SiPC will work to return investors’ missing cash, and/or other securities. Information about SiPC, including its brochure, may be obtained by contacting SiPC at 202.371.8300 or www.sipc.org.

KSCA’s Business Continuity Plan (the Plan)

In the unlikely event that an event occurs which causes a substantial interruption of KSCA’s business, KSCA has implemented the Plan, which contains certain processes and procedures designed to maintain or recover features critical to KSCA’s business and resume assisting customers as quickly as possible. KSCA has made the Plan available to its customers upon their request, which can be made at (404) 898-7878.

Although we do not anticipate that an event will occur which would cause KSCA to employ the processes and procedures provided for in the Plan, we do, however, encourage you to review the Plan so that KSCA and its customers are adequately prepared, should KSCA’s business be substantially interrupted.

FINRA Public Disclosure Program

Although KSCA does not carry customer accounts, and does not hold customer funds, we wish to provide you with the following information:

  1. The FINRA Public Disclosure Hotline Number is 800.289.9999
  2. The FINRA Website Address is finra.org
  3. A free investor brochure describing the FINRA Public Disclosure Program is available by contacting FINRA at the above telephone number or address below.
  4. The FINRA Address is:

Public Disclosure Program FINRA

P.O. Box 9401

Gaithersburg, MD 20898-9401